Home Automations and Security

Door/Window Sensor

Alert on unauthorized entry via door/window

LPG/Gas Sensor

Detects gas leakage and alerts you for safety and proactive action

PIR Motion Detector

Detects intruder movements to alert you about potential theft Switch on/o_ devices remotely Single device to arming / disarming mode for multiple sensors

Smoke Detector

Low power consumption wireless device to detects smoke

Smart switch

Switch on/of devices Remotely

Power Socket

Plug only in socket and switch on/of appliances remotely

Wireless Remote Controller

Single device to arming / disarming mode for multiplesensors

Emergency Button

Panic button to alert you on emergencies

  • Home surveillance and automation in one package
  • Two way communication
  • No need to invest in DVR and coaxial cable
  • DIY: No hassle of cable _tting, wall repair or chasing technician
  • Plug n play
  • Live video on APP/PC
  • 24*7 access to video footage on any connected device, PC,
  • mobile phone and tablet while on the move
  • Schedule recordings up-to 80 hrs as per your own preference