Why Seguro

SEGURO, smart home security solution that takes care of your loved ones and ensures peace of mind.
Stay connected through SEGURO Mobile App anywhere anytime to access live videos of your home.
Get instant alerts for gas leakage, intruders. Control TV, Lights, Fan and AC remotely at your Fingertips

Smart Home at your Fingertips
Comfort at home and convenience when away, SEGURO lets you access your home from wherever you are, whenever you want.
Leave home carefree
Left your lights, fans or Air Conditioner on? Don’t fret. SEGURO enables you to switch o_ devices while on the move with your smart phone.
Peaceful sleep every night
Gradually drift into your dreams while SEGURO is taking care of your home security.
Simultaneous multi-access
SEGURO is accessible remotely, across multiple locations allowing simultaneous access to your close family members.

Be at home, even when you’re away

Manage your devices with the SEGURO Smart Home App on your compatible iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
Receive alerts when something happens at home or switch simple appliances on and of.